5 of the platform’s most popular low impact, full body strength workouts to add into your routine. Build confidence and comfort while you gain muscular endurance and awareness of good form. Fall in love with strength training and come GET STRONG!

SUGGESTED GEAR: set of light, medium, heavy weights. Butt band

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5 Videos

  • 30 Minute Full Bod Circuit

    Gear: set of medium weights for lunges

  • 45 Min Groundworks: Simple strength

    GEAR: set of light weights, set of medium weights
    FEEL: Strong and Powerful
    FOCUS: Muscle group specific workout.
    WHAT TO EXPECT: mobility 2 upper body blocks split into a super set and a pyramid, pretty much the same for lower body. We finish the workout off with a full body chipper and then we ...

  • 45 Min Groundwork’s: new KG fave

    GEAR: set of light weights / set of medium weights / 1 heavy weight
    FOCUS: strict, specific strength training. Upper body block, lower body block, full body block
    FEEL: strong n steady

  • 45 Min Groundwork’s: full body burner

    Movement to expect: chest press, push-ups, side lunges, deadlifts, rowing, thrusting

    Suggested gear: your heaviest weights for the movements above

  • 45 Min Groundworks: Xtra Sweaty Strength

    Gear: set of medium weights for bicep curls and pressing, set of heavier weights for rowing and pressing