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This Week's Game Plan

Coach KG's weekly game plan for you to follow whenever it's clever

  • MONDAY: Strength + Conditioning

    1 video

    FOCUS: Strength + Conditioning
    FEEL: Powerful & Energized
    OPTIONAL TIGHT VIBES: Beat the Monday blues and do something socially active with a pal.

  • TUESDAY: Strength Training

    1 video

    FOCUS: Full Body Low Impact Strength
    FEEL: Strong & Powerful
    OPTIONAL TIGHT VIBES: your bod might be feeling a little zapped from this strength workout. Feel free to flush out the lactic acid with a chill bike ride, after dinner stroll or an ocean dip.

  • WEDNESDAY: Do something fun day!

    3 videos

    FOCUS: Get out there and intentionally drop into your favourite ways to play. Maybe it’s an after work bike ride with your partner or a sunrise dip, or a long run.
    FEEL: Present, happy, connected


    1 video

    FOCUS: Higher impact cardio conditioning, agility and full body moves.
    FEEL: Sweaty & Energized
    OPTIONAL TIGHT VIBES: similar to tuesday, if you’re choosing an additional activity, let’s try to keep things chill to let your nervous system recover. A barefoot beach walk. Sunset paddle. Walk to din...

  • FRIDAY: Mobility, Stability, Upper Body Strength

    1 video

    FOCUS: Mobility, core stability, upper body strength
    FEEL: Stable, centred + strong
    OPTIONAL TIGHT VIBES: Celebrate the end of the week with something that makes you laugh. Humour is so important, so maybe it’s strapping on some blades and wearing your tightest brights.

  • SATURDAY: Strength + Conditioning

    1 video

    FOCUS: A balanced mix of the best bits of each workout this week
    FEEL: Strong n Energized
    OPTIONAL TIGHT VIBES: Dig up your garden. Play with your kids. Nap under a tree. Hike with your dog, sip on your favourite drink. Its the weekend, doggy. You do you!

  • SUNDAY: Rest

    2 videos

    FOCUS: Get out there and intentionally drop into your favourite ways to play.
    FEEL: Present, happy, connected, ready for the week.