If you’ve ever been to a track meet, or watched one of the longer distance races on tv, you’ll know the last lap of the race is celebrated with the jingling of a bell. When you hear the bell start to sing, you know IT’S ON! Whatever gas is left in the tank is strategically spent to make the most out of this final lap. Strides open up, shit gets a little scrappy, and wether they’re running for personal bests or the gold, these athletes are making the most out of this final lap.

That’s how I see September. For us West Coasters, it’s the bell lap of the summer before the weather changes. And in the spirit of making the most out of our summer time activities, our September Game Plan will be featuring our most classic workout, (The Club) to efficiently make the most of your training.

The Club Class is our-one-stop shop workout for a well balanced movement experience. Y’all will be feeling strong, energized, stable and centred after these full body strength and conditioning workouts.

MON: Stability + Cardio
TUE: Full Body Strength + Conditioning
WED: Rest Day
THUR: Full Body Strength + Conditioning
FRI: Active Recovery: mobility, core stability, flexibility
SAT: Full Body Strength + Conditioning
SUN: Rest

  • Game Plan Deets

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    Download / Print our weekly Game Plan Outlines to stay on-top of your training.

  • MONDAY: Stability & Cardio

    1 video

    FOCUS: Strength + Conditioning
    FEEL: Stable and Energized
    OPTIONAL TIGHT VIBES: Beat the Monday blues and do something socially active with a pal.

  • TUESDAY: Strength & Conditioning

    1 video

    FOCUS: Full Body Strength & Conditioning
    FEEL: Sweaty + Energized
    OPTIONAL TIGHT VIBES: your bod might be feeling a little zapped from this conditioning workout. Feel free to flush out the lactic acid with a chill bike ride, after dinner stroll or an ocean dip.


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    FEEL: Rested

  • THURSDAY: Strength & Conditioning

    1 video

    FOCUS: Full body Strength & conditioning
    FEEL: Strong & Stable
    OPTIONAL TIGHT VIBES: similar to tuesday, if you’re choosing an additional activity, let’s try to keep things chill to let your nervous system recover. A barefoot beach walk. Sunset paddle. Walk to dinner.

  • FRIDAY: Active Recovery

    1 video

    FOCUS: slowing things down a bit, focusing on core and glute strength, stability and mobility training.
    FEEL: Stable, centred + strong
    OPTIONAL TIGHT VIBES: Celebrate the end of the week with something that makes you laugh. Humour is so important, so maybe it’s strapping on some blades and weari...

  • SATURDAY: Strength & Conditioning

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    FOCUS: A balanced mix of mobility, stability, strength + cardio
    FEEL: Strong n Energized
    OPTIONAL TIGHT VIBES: Dig up your garden. Play with your kids. Nap under a tree. Hike with your dog, sip on your favourite drink. Its the weekend, doggy. You do you!

  • SUNDAY: Rest

    2 videos

    FOCUS: Get out there and intentionally drop into your favourite ways to play.
    FEEL: Present, happy, connected, ready for the week.